Here you'll find the answers to questions you might have prior to visiting Poolen

Poolen is located at Refshalevej 189. You can easily arrive by bicycle, public transport or car. Bus 2A has its terminus at Refshalevej and from there you only have to walk 10 minutes before you are at Poolen. You can also take harbor bus 992 and from there walk the 15 minutes it takes to go to Poolen. If you are driving or cycling, you can park right by the pool. Read more about finding your way here

You will find the door opening times on the page for the event you are going to. They usually open 1-2 hours before the event starts. This is usually also shown on your ticket or on the ticket provider's website. See our program here

You will find the event or concert start time on the page for the event you are going to. It also appears on your ticket or the ticket provider's website. See our program here

Poolen has a capacity of 2500 standing guests. We also have a large outdoor arrival area where you can use our wardrobe, hang out and have fun with friends before, during and after the show.

If you have lost or forgotten something during a good evening at Poolen, send a mail to [email protected] with a detailed description of what you lost and when.

Yes. We have both a staffed cloakroom and a lot of self-service lockers, which you can easily book access to via your mobile phone - you can also access these lockers whenever you want throughout the event.

Poolens' main area is on ground level, so accessibility is good with dedicated disabled facilities. Before buying a ticket, you must check with the ticket provider whether there is free entry for your companion and whether you must purchase a dedicated disabled ticket.