Poolen and Bullet Booking presents

Malk de Koijn

The Danish language equilibrists perform at Poolen

This year marks 30 years since the three aliases Tue Track, Blæs Bukki and Geolo G joined rhymes and founded what was to write Danish rap history, the group Malk de Koijn.

With more than 25 years since the debut album "Smash Hit in Aberdeen" (1998), followed by the great classic "Sneglzilla" (2002), which was then again followed by a comeback with the album "Toback to the Fromtime" (2011), Malk has Koijn time and again established their name as one of the very best names in Danish rap history - not least live.

This autumn, they can finally be found again at the Danish venues, when they embark on a almost sold-out tour, where they swing past Poolen twice.

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9 November 2024
Doors open
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350 Kr.