Poolen and All Things Live presents


The Danish radio host and party kings Nicholas Kawamura and Pelle Peter Jencel a throwing a huge Lågsus party at Poolen

Nicholas Kawamura & Pelle Peter Jencel have been creating parties throughout the country for over a decade. On both the radio and at the country's festivals, they have stood for an intense mix of rave beats, confetti and surprise guests. In other words – the perfect party. In the fall of 2023, they filled Store Vega and now they move up to Copenhagen's new large venue to play the biggest and most ambitious party of their career with more of everything.

"We are really looking forward to filling Poolen with 2,500 crazy guests and bathing them in a frenzy. In Vega, people threw away their clothes and the beach animals crowdsurfed until the end. But we think it can get even wilder.”

It is no secret that Nicholas and Pelle have established their name on the radio. And now that they're back as a radio show, it's like the whole live hype has exploded as well.

"We are honored to be able to say that we have been in business for over 10 years, but new audiences are still joining the bandwagon. We would like to honor that by giving them the opportunity to experience a Lågsus rave live. For both new and old supporters of our crazy project.”


1 November 2024
Doors open
Show start
275 Kr.