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Eurovision phenomenon Loreen invites to a spiritual pop party at Refshaleøen

Loreen had her musical breakthrough in 2012 when she won Eurovision with the song "Euphoria", which became a huge hit and reached the top of the charts in several countries. In 2023, she repeated the success when she again won Eurovision, this time with the song "Tattoo". This was a historic victory for Sweden, who won Eurovision for the seventh time, thus breaking a record. In addition, Loreen is the second person in history, and the first female artist, to have won Eurovision twice. Loreen's fans call her music spiritual pop. A designation that Loreen herself has also adopted because it recognizes that there is no barrier between her as an artist and her audience. As a performer, she creates worlds that draw the listener into her universe. "That's why I love Eurovision so much - because it allows me to create an entire world when I'm on stage," says Loreen. She describes Eurovision as a platform that is a beautiful and loving space that brings people together around sounds and images. This has led her fans to get used to her music being enjoyed on several levels: "As a listener, you have all the elements there: you can see it, hear it, feel it, smell it," she says. "My art isn't about one thing - it's the whole, it's the layers, it's the message."

18 February 2025
Doors open
Show start
340 Kr.