Poolen and Smash!Bang!Pow! presents

Future Islands

American indie favorites guests Poolen with new album

Future Islands, who have visited Denmark numerous times, give their biggest venue concert to date on May 18 at Poolen with the songs from the brand new album "People Who Aren't There Anymore".

Future Islands is the musical equivalent of a bumble bee. Not only did the guitarless Baltimore group make a big splash with the dramatic synthpop songs with the new classic "Seasons (Waiting On You)" in 2014, i.a. due to a legendary appearance on David Letterman's talk show.

Since then, they have miraculously kept flying with strong album releases and a reputation as one of alternative pop's most captivating and enthralling live names - not least via frontman Samuel T. Herring's wild stage performance and near-growling vocal outbursts.

If someone initially saw them as a one-hit-wonder, they have long since proven themselves as an artistically ambitious orchestra with the will and ability to realize their musical visions. They established that with the breakthrough album "Singles" - from which "Seasons (Waiting On You)" originates - and the subsequent "The Far Field" (2017) and "As Long As You Are" (2020) have emphasized that fact.

Now Future Islands' ready with a new album with the personal "People Who Aren't There Anymore", which inspired by personal break-ups. The new album builds on the well-known energetic and emotional synthpop virtues (now with occasional guitar chords), and critics have received the new album with enthusiasm.

In Denmark, the Americans have been a popular name for many years, having performed for enthusiastic crowds in sold-out venues in Aarhus and Copenhagen as well as at Roskilde Festival, NorthSide and Smukfest. Most recently Store VEGA in 2022, where GAFFA signed off with five full stars and wrote that "Future Island's synthpop promoted an hour and a half of glowing folk festival". The group's many fans can now look forward to a new ride in the indie pop machine when Future Islands gives its biggest venue concert to date here at home on May 18 in Poolen.

Support: JOON

18 May 2024
Doors open
Show start
400 Kr.