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Ankerstjerne has hit the top of the charts and gives his biggest concert to date when he takes over Poolen in Copenhagen on 17 May 2025

From Vestegnen to Poolen Ankerstjerne is ready to give his biggest headliner concert ever. It happens on top of a completely sold-out concert in Store VEGA in November last year, and not least that the pop star once again tops the charts here at home, with what looks to be this year's summer hit "Børn Af Natten (Hola Bonita)". Synonymous with Ankerstjerne are some of the biggest Danish hits of the time. Following the release of his self-titled debut album in 2012, he has received platinum certifications in spades for his music. Both as an artist, songwriter and producer and alongside his artist career, Ankerstjerne has contributed to the creation of some of Danish music's biggest hits, including Rasmus Seebach's "Øde Ø", "I Mine Øjne" and "Olivia" as well as Burhan G's "Din For Evigt" , "Calling Me Home" and "Karma".

With Ankerstjerne's solid musical craftsmanship, which mixes hip-hop, strong danceable pop numbers and storytelling, he has put himself at the forefront of Danish songwriting. These talents are, among other things, what has brought the hit summer single "Børn Af Natten (Hola Bonita)" in collaboration with Daniel Schulz and Panamah. In a short time, this has already been streamed more than 5 million times, went No. 1 on Spotify and Yousee and has flourished frequently on, among other things, Instagram and TikTok with the many fans who keep the momentum going. Apart from them, nothing was possible: "I had actually said goodbye to the live stage, but the audience continued to listen to my music - actually more than ever before. So I put one last concert on sale in Store Vega, as a thank you to my fans. That night changed everything. The concert was sold out, and the audience's wild response made me feel the joy of performing again. Now I'm standing with a song that has gone No. 1 on the charts - and I'm going to play my biggest concert ever! It is completely overwhelming to feel the love of the audience in this way. I feel newly in love - with the music and with my audience. This concert will truly be their party and I look forward to being part of it!” – Anchor star

Ankerstjerne is ready to take the next step and is preparing for his biggest headliner concert ever on May 17, 2025. From the west sign to the Pool - he hasn't forgotten where it all started. It vibrates in him to get really close to the audience and give them an experience completely out of the ordinary.

17 May 2025
Doors open
Show start
305 Kr.