POOLEN og Streetlife International presents


The German-Turkish hiphop star Mero comes to Poolen in 2025

Mero has quickly established himself as one of the most relevant and influential rappers in Europe, since debuting on the German hip-hop scene. With an exciting career that is on a fast upward trajectory, Mero is revolutionizing the music scene and capturing fans from every corner of the continent.

He quickly took over the charts in 2018 with his debut single “Baller los”, which set a new benchmark in German rap. With millions of streams and multiple gold and platinum awards, Mero has shown that he is much more than a fly of the night. His music, which is a perfect symbiosis of powerful beats and deep lyrics, reflects the complexity and diversity of European youth. In his songs, Mero deals with topics such as identity, migration and social challenges that affect the times. His authentic style and his ability to transform personal experiences into universal messages make him an undeniable voice for his generation.

Mero's influence can be felt not only in Germany, but throughout Europe. He fills concert halls from Paris to Amsterdam to Istanbul and inspires an international audience. His tours are regularly sold out and the fan base continues to grow year after year. In short, Mero is a cultural phenomenon that is constantly cutting its way into the European music landscape.

13 February 2025
Doors open
Show start
350 Kr.